Twisting the Knits

  • Are you looking to tap into your wild side?

  • Do you need a familiar to keep you company while on the hunt for monsters?

Grab your handmade gifts and show your paranormal pride today. Each item is handmade and to order.


Image of knitted winter hats with cat, wolf, or fox ears, or dragons spikes.

Keep yourself warm with a handmade shifter knitted hat. Choose from: Werewolf, mythical fox, werecat, or dragon. One size fits most. Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.

Order your knit hat today!


Image of knitted bats, cats, ghosts, dragons, loch ness monsters, and aliens

A handmade knitted familiar that fits in the palm of your hand! Choose from Kitty-Cats, Narwhal, Bat, Hedgehog, Grim Reaper, Wizard, Witch, Plague Doctor, Ghost, Cutethulu1, Hammerhead Shark, Dragon, Lake Monster, or Aliens. Bats and dragons have moveable wings. Familiars range in size from 2"tall to 3"tall.2

Order your familiar today!


Thanks to TSBOL for the moniker Cutethulu.


Alien is made from a Fuzzy Mitten™ original pattern. Hedgehog is made from a Knitted Toy Box pattern. Ghost is made from a Designs by Jeremy Butcher pattern.