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Twisting the Myths helps you discover cryptids that go bump in the night, reveal the spirits haunting us, and uncover secrets hiding among the stars.

Whether you’re hunting ghosts, monsters, and other mysteries, escaping into the pages of a fantasy or sci-fi book, or igniting your creative spark, inspiration is waiting for you. 👽

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The unknown is out there, teasing us, and we’re weird and crazy enough to run after it to see what is revealed. Let’s find some answers together!


Patricia J.L. is a daydreamer with an over-active imagination. She started writing because the stories were too interesting to keep inside her head. Whether or not that was a mistake, she’s still deciding, but she’s enjoying the ride.

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When she’s not lost writing in fantasy worlds about vampires, aliens, or other monsters, she relaxes with knitting, drawing and art, and jigsaw puzzles. And of course, a good book. Patricia J.L. currently lives with her husband in Upper Michigan. One day, they both hope to have enough pets to resemble a petting zoo. (Until then, can she pet your cat or dog?)


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Revealing the monsters and mysteries hiding in Michigan. Writing fantasy books that enable you to escape the stress of the real world. Sharing art that sparks your creativity.


Patricia J.L. is a daydreamer with an over-active imagination. Author of fantasy and sci-fi books that put a twist on the monsters you know and love (but not in a sparkling way. 😜) Paranormal junkee. Too creative for her own good.